Get the right make-up

When getting ready for a social get together or an intimate dinner with someone special, make-up becomes an essential. And unless one is professionally trained in the art of make-up, one needs a bit of help and guidance, so here we have some help for you.

First of all, your make-up kit needs attention, check whether all your cosmetics are in good shape. Most of the cosmetics today come with an expiry date and using them beyond this date can harm your skin. Now with that little precaution let’s get on with the make-up process.

Let us first begin with the eye region, since your eyes express more than your tongue does. Mascara should be applied as a thin coat on the top lashes only, followed by running the eyelash brush through the eye lashes. This will prevent the mascara from smudging and flaking off. If you are blessed with deep-set eyes, then use the regular pencil eyeliner instead of the liquid, to prevent smudging of the eye lid. An easier way to use your eyelash curler is to heat it using a hair dryer, which will help the eye lash curls to stay curled for longer. The current fashion for eye brows is to keep them natural looking and not make them too thin or too sparse.

Now let’s get down to your cheeks and give them a radiant and healthy glow. The foundation must be applied to the face only after you are completely through with the eye make-up, as this will allow you to fix up any smudging from the eyeliner. To make your foundation to stay on for a longer time and to give your skin a slight glowing effect, mixing in a drop of moisturizer will do the needful. Never buy a concealer or foundation without testing the color on your skin. The ideal place to do a skin color match is to test it on the inside of your wrist. If you want to apply blush to your cheeks make use of the latest gel based blushes as they blend in better because of being transparent. Start with the blush by applying it on your cheeks and then slowly blending it up towards the eyes.

And finally, it’s time to dress up your lips with your favorite lip color, and you can even make them shine with a coat of lip gloss, but don’t forget to use the lip liner to mark the outlines, and you’re ready for the party.