Get The Right Look With Leggings

Leggings come in various forms and each type has its own do’s and dont’s while wearing them.

They vary depending on the tightness of the fabric and also the length to which it covers your legs which makes them even harder to make sure you really got the right look before stepping out of home. Here are some pointers to help you out what kind of legging goes well with the dress you are wearing.

In case the leggings are longer and stretch till the foot, it’s a perfect addition to dresses that especially are tighter making them hug your curves. This kind of legging also goes really well  with short skirts and mini skirts. But wearing legging along with a long skirt might be a slightly strange combination since the main purpose of leggings are to cover your legs.

Long leggings are also perfect wear along with short shirts since they act more or less like pants. This rule however does not apply if your leggings are made of a very thin material or hugs your body tighter than you’d like it to. In this case, you can wear them with broad T-Shirts that are longer or the tunics.

Short leggings can we worn along with loose shirts that are a little longer than usual. Be it the baggy styled legging or the one that are more or less like tights, the go along just well with long shirts or short one piece dresses that are shaped the same width all along.

If you are worried about how some leggings stick to your body and feel it might not flatter your body shape, you can fix this by going for dark colors, especially black and brown.

You also need to figure out what shoes go well with leggings. Boots usually go quite well with leggings as long as it’s long. Wearing a flowy dress or a skirt along with leggings and boot is again a bad idea. But not a bad idea in case the skirt happens to be a mini skirt or a short simple skirt.

Leggings need some trial and error to find out what really matches. And what combination fits you depends on your body structure. So even with all the tips and suggestions, a little experiment of your own helps too.