Get The Right Lipstick Color for Your Complexion

Choosing the right color for the lipstick doesn’t always depend on the kind of outfit you are wearing or the kind of look you are aiming for. The color that blends perfectly with your skin tone is just as important as the rest of the makeup.

This might seem hard, what with the thousands of shades available, but there’s always a way to get that right shade to get the right look.

There are a lot of ways to get the right shade that blends in well with your makeup, that might also lead you to give up on a couple of your favorite shade. But a good and flawless makeup is more important!

So, the first thing that needs to be remembered is that the lipstick you choose blends or matches well with the inner color of your lower lips. This is a very important pointer to remember to make sure that your shade does not stand out too much compared to your natural colors and of course, blends well with the natural shade of your lips.

Also remember not to go for a color that is too far away from your natural lip color! If your lips are darker, then you need to choose darker shades like brown etc. and if the lip color is something close to pink, go for colors around that shade. Brown shades are always perfect for girls with a slightly tanned skin. But you might not want to go for that if you are not looking for a simple look.

Get the right shade of red

It’s a very common belief that red is the color that one needs to stay away from and most women do! The trick here too, is to make sure that you choose the right shade that’s not too bright or stand out compared to your natural color.

This means that, women with fairer skin needs to choose lighter shades of red that are close to pink and women with darker skin needs to go for darker shades that are almost close to maroon or the woody red. If your skin is more on the pinkish side, you can opt for cherry red, or if it’s olive, bright red would be perfect for you!

You might not succeed at first attempt, but with a little trial and some suggestions, you’ll get your way around choosing the right one!

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