Get The Right Bridal Bouquet

When you’ve found the right wedding gown and the right accessories, for a perfect bridal look, you surely cannot afford to ruin the whole ensemble just by holding the wrong bouquet of flowers, as you walk up the aisle.

For centuries, flowers have had an important role to play in every wedding, and the bouquet the bride carries in her hands is the one that gets the most attention, of all the wedding guests.

Over the years there have been lots of changes in the type of wedding bouquets used by the brides, and while earlier the choice of flowers was mostly restricted to roses, today’s bridal bouquets, are more exotic flower varieties, such as tulips and orchids. Here are some of the different bridal bouquet styles that you can choose from.

The wedding Posy

This was essentially a Victorian bouquet style, and here the importance was laid on the type and color of flower to be used, as each color held a different connotation. For instance pink exhibited romance, white meant innocence and red signified passion. The Victorian age posies were generally made of roses; however the latest versions come in several different styles and use more varieties of flowers. The latest version of posies is made by arranging flowers on a wired frame and are normally finished with ribbons, lace or beads

Bridal shower bouquets

These wedding bouquets are normally large and more detailed, and the flowers are held together using the lover’s knot, which happens to be the distinctive trademark of this style. And well, just to add to your information the style was even used by the ever so popular Lady Diana, better known as Princess of Wales.

Bridal nosegays

This is one of the more traditional styles, which has been held by many brides throughout history, and it is made using small flowers and herbs, all put together into a bunch. It’s very simple and pleasing, and when you want your dress and jewelry to get more attention this makes for a good choice.

Bridal Arm Sheaf

This is one fabulously thespian wedding bouquet style, which is large and has a lot of ribbon work. While most other bouquets styles are to be held in the hands, this one needs to be cradled in the arms just like a small child, because it’s a little bigger and a little heavier.

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Sidharth Thakur