Get The Perfect Lipstick Shade

With the cosmetic shops flooded with exotic shades of lipsticks, selecting a shade of lipstick that is perfectly right for you can be quite a tricky situation. Ideally, you can never go wrong with a lipstick shade that complements your skin tone as well as the natural color of your lips.

And for sure you do know, that if you don’t have the right shade of lipstick you can never get the perfect look however good you may be at the art of lip make-up. At times you may miss out on luscious lips by just one shade.

Lots of ladies can be seen trying to check the shade of lipstick on the back of their hand; however that doesn’t show you the real shade. For a change do the test on tips and you will never go wrong. And remember, the shade test for lipsticks is best performed under a bright light or in natural sunlight.

If you have a fair skin and light colored hair, opt for lighter shades of pink, beige, Peach and orange. And for those with fair skin but darker hair can put their hands on some deep pink and caramel shades of lipsticks. With olive skin tone your best bargain is either a red or a light shade of brown. Purple, caramel and blackberry shades blend well with nicely tanned and dusky skin tones. And finely for the darker skin the perfect match is a wine or plum lipstick shade.

The choice of lipstick shade should also be made understanding the occasion you are to attend. If you’re going for the garden lunch put on some light shades only, while for evening parties you can step onto some darker lipstick shades. And finally when you apply lipstick, start by outlining your lip shape with a lip liner, but don’t overdo it or you will kill the soft and natural appeal of your lips. Next apply the lipstick and blend it well with the outline, and if you want your lips to shimmer top it with a little bit of gloss.

Sidharth Thakur