Get that Bold Appeal with the Right Belt

We will talk about one of the often forgotten clothing accessories, the belt. You would never notice but the belt if it can be seen can render your personality the grace that the whole attire might not provide.

Do you know that a belt that is open to view can divide yourself projection into two halves to anyone who would be watching you?  A belt strategically worn will help you project your image in a manner that you would not have thought of. Now you can pull out any old outfit and use a belt o render it into something very stylish. The following tips would help.

First of all, let us see what kind of belt suits which body figure? If you are tall, then you should wear wide belts. They will make you look more curvaceous.

If you have a slightly heavy tummy, then try wearing a belt that is dark colored and wide. When you wear it around your waist, it will make you look slimmer. Ensure it is not too tight to show your tummy bulge. You can try wearing the belt over the upper hip to draw attention off your tummy.

However, in case you are a petite individual, then do not wear wide belts because they will take the focus off your body. If of course you have a full figure, then the belts that will suit you the most are the cinch belts as they can be tucked in the waist and create an hourglass figure.

There are a variety of belts available. There are ribbon belts that go well with sweaters. Then there are the skinny belts that go very well with short dresses. If you have a short skirt and a top that is not long, then you can also wear wide belt to make your attire look even more appealing.

Also there are chain belts that girdle around the waist and are meant to divert attention from the hips. Finally, the classic leather belts turned wide and adorned with metal that make a bold style statement and look very well worn with jeans and pants.