Get Shiny Hair With Milk and Eggs

Maintaining  frizzy hair might be the most difficult task, what with the hair going frenzy with a simple gust of wind. But taming your hair is not exactly a herculean job if you know the right measures to take to keep them beautiful, no matter what the problem is. All you need is the right ingredient used up the right way to get those locks shining all year. And you don’t even need those complicated recipes to work up the shine on your hair. A little amount of the good old egg and milk is all you need to get that shine back!

Pour a small amount of milk in a bowl and mix it up with the egg yolk, after separating the egg white. The separation can be easily done by making a crack on the egg that is small enough to only allow the whites to pour out of the shell but not the yolk.

After the white is completely drained out, break open the shell and pour out the yolk into the bowl of milk and mix it well. Now, pour about a tea spoon of olive oil to the mixture along with another tea spoon of sugar. Mix them well.

After the mixture is done, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Remember to use the conditioner specially made for frizzy hair to get better effect. After rinsing your hair completely, apply the mixture to your hair. Now comb your hair so that the mixture spreads out evenly.

Remember to massage your hair after applying the mixture for around 6-8 minutes. Allow the mixture to stand for a while before rinsing your hair again.

There are certain things you might want to remember while following this process. Since you are using olive oil here, it’s very important to allow it to stay for a while before washing it since olive oil acts as an excellent conditioner. Also make sure that the milk is cold and the olive oil is warm.

Your hair might get smelly due to the usage of milk and egg, so remember to rinse thoroughly after massaging. Don’t use olive oil more than required since excess usage might turn your hair sticky and greasy.

If you want to avoid egg and oil, you can simply apply milk to wet hair before shampoo and wash it after a couple of minutes.