Get Rid of Under Eye Dark Circles

Eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of a human body and often, it is believed that your eyes speak more that your words do.

And also, eyes are always observed by others when you meet them as no matter where ever you go and what so ever you do, but when you talk face to face, eye contact is always made. So, imagine if your eyes are puffy and have dark circles, what impression they would leave on the second person.

Many people are disturbed with the under eye dark circles and because of always being conscious about this, the problem increases more. It is true that the lifestyle today is real hectic and fast and one gets no time to take care of himself or herself and our eyes are the most affected amongst all the other parts of our body because, you might be lying on bed, sitting on office chair, driving or walking; but eyes keeps functioning constantly and only time they relax is when you go to sleep.

This is the reason why our eyes do not stay healthy and are often seen week and tired. To get rid of the problem of under eye dark circles there are many things that you can do and mentioned below is a list of some of the major things. Follow then regularly and soon you shall be able to achieve the results.

First amongst all, it is very important to take proper sleep. Eight hours of night sleep is a must for all. Do not avoid this, as this is the major reason behind the problem. Secondly, do not take tensions. I agree that there are some things that you can just not help but taking tension will just not work for you and instead will affect your health. So, try not to think about something to such an extent that it creates problem for you.

Apply thin layer of fresh cucumber or aloe vera gel on your eyes for ten minutes every day. It is better that you apply them at nighttime before going to sleep. Cucumber has heeling and skin lightening properties that would take away the darkness around eyes.

And also, as it is a cooling fruit, it would provide a cooling effect for relaxation. A good under eye gel is another great option to get rid of dark circles, apply it overnight. In the end just take a good diet and eat lots if fresh fruits too and stay happy for faster results.

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