Get Rid Of Freckles – Some Tips

Freckles are a problem which trouble a lot of people around the world. The fairer your skin tone is, the more evident your freckles will be. This condition which is characterized by the formation of dark spots on the surface of the skin act as a roadblock in your way to achieve a perfect complexion.

Freckles, which occur due to the concentration of melanin pigments, can result from the excessive exposure to the sun or due to genetic factors. Apart from the conventional medical treatments, one  can follow many easy and inexpensive natural remedies in order to deal with freckles.

Lemon juice which has natural bleaching properties is found to be effective in treating freckles. You can soak a cotton ball in lemon juice and dab it on your freckles. Daily repetition of this process will help in the fading of freckles.

If you find pure lemon juice to be too strong for your skin, then you can use it after diluting it with water. You should also moisturize your skin after treating it with lemon juice in order to prevent it from getting dried up.

Another effective method to get rid of freckles is to treat them with papaya juice . Washing your face daily with sour milk will also help in freckles removal. The lactic acid present in the sour milk will cause the skin to peel away without causing any irritations.

You can also apply a mixture made of lemon juice and sour cream on your face. After half an hour, wipe off this face pack with a moist tissue. In addition to removing your freckles, this face pack also serves as an excellent moisturizer for your skin.

To make your skin devoid of freckles, you should also have a diet enriched with Vitamin C. For this purpose, you can include in your diet fruits like oranges and grapefruit and vegetables like tomatoes  ,broccoli and cabbage.

To get freedom from freckles, you should avoid overexposure to the harmful rays of the sun. Also do wear a sunscreen to protect your skin , every time you go out in the sun. The sunscreen that you choose to wear should have a SPF of at least 30. You can also wear a broad rimmed hat to shield your face from direct sunlight.