Get Ready To Glam Up Like a Disco Diva

Making a head turning entry to a gathering is something every lady desires, stop me if I am wrong. Apart from your sizzling attire all you  require is some exclusive make up ideas and you are all set to rock the night just like a disco diva.

By taking care of the following make up tips you can make a head spinning appearance. So, disco diva, get ready and set the dance floor on fire with your unbeatable style. Keep the subtle and pastel shades apart and pick the vibrant, bright and bold shades.  All you need is right accessories, nice hairstyle and perfect make up ideas; after all you are a disco diva.

Take care of the following make up tips and glam up your evening:

After applying foundation and compact or lose powder dab glittery lose powder on your face. It will add illuminated effect and will make your face look bright and glistening.  You can now apply blush on your cheeks, don’t hesitate to choose bold and vivacious shades like orange or fuchsia. It will not only accentuate your cheek bones, but will add that extra something to your face and you will definitely stand out in crowd. If possible, try cream blush as it will stay for long.

For eye make-up, you can apply funky eye shadows.  You can try shades like pink, green, blue and canary yellow. But if you are one of those who don’t like to play with eye make up, you can go in for smokey eyes. Now apply a thin line of silver eye pencil over the eye lids for the superb appeal. You can apply the same silver pencil just below the eyebrow and smudge it so that it merges with skin and gives a shimmering effect. Now apply thick line of kohl and brush off the mascara.

Depending upon the color of your attire, you can select your lip color. Go in for glossy, bold and bright hues including, tangerine red, fuchsia or baby pink. If you want to give fuller effect to your thin lips, apply gloss on the center of your lips.

Keep your hairstyle neat. You can go in for ponytail look, the Afro or frizzy look or the feathers or layered look will also accentuate your entire panache. Just before stepping inside the disc you can apply serum on your hair for glistening effect. You can also dust off some glitter on your neck, chest and bare arms. To add your outrageous appeal wear some sexy fragrance. I am sure you will rock as a disco diva!


I am a fashion freak writer