Get Over That Hangover

eating-disorder It’s two o’clock in the afternoon, and you’re still not able to get out of your bed, just because you had a ball last night. Whatever was the occasion, you had a rocking party with booze flowing all around.

You got drunk and thoroughly enjoyed the moment, but the very next morning you’re feeling terrible. Your eyes are feeling gritty and your mouth is horribly dry. You are feeling sick and all you want to do is throw up, even though you have had nothing since morning.

And the worst of all is that your head is spinning terribly, the way its spins sitting on of those crazy roller coasters. Are you confused about what’s going on? Accept it or not, but you’ve got a major hangover.

Anyways, here’s what you should be doing to get rid of this hangover

•    Alcohol dehydrates your body, and so your first strategy needs to be to replenish the water reserves of your body. Drink whatever juices and fluids you can find (and mind you alcohol doesn’t come in this list of fluids).  If nothing else just gulp down as much water as you can.

•    If you’ve got some soda in your refrigerator, nothing can be better. Guzzle down a bottle of soda and you’ll get some instant relief.

•    And if you’re not feeling nauseous, then get yourself some fresh salad to chew on. This will help in restoring the nutrients that got washed out with the alcohol, and you will soon begin feeling better.

•    And if you’re lucky enough to have time, sleep off the hang over. And the next time you’re heading for a wild evening, especially those wild Friday nights, try these little tricks to avoid another episode of hangover.

•    Go in for the light colored alcoholic drinks, such as gin, white wine and vodka, as most of the darker drinks like whiskey and rum have a stronger hangover.

•    While you’re drinking, let that glass of water stay on the table and keep alternating your drink with water. This way, you will not just help your body to stay hydrated, but will also end up consuming less alcohol.

•    If your stomach is empty, grab a bite before you begin drinking. And don’t forget to keep on eating alongside your drinks. And even though the salads may not look quite appealing with drinks, yet munching some veggies will prevent you from getting up with a hangover next morning.

Sidharth Thakur