Get One Of These Stylish Hats To Jazz Up Your Looks

hat Hats are once again back into fashion, and they really make for a great fashion accessory, to go with flowing suits and dresses. And well, hats aren’t just all about style; they’re very practical and handy in protecting your skin from the harsh rays of the sun.

There’s a range of different styles of hats on the offer, and you can choose anything from the feminine Panama style hats to the haughtily masculine fedora style. And since, the hats are so much of an ‘in thing’, don’t you store them away only for special occasions, rather wear them just about everywhere to add a funky and saucy spark to your outlook.

Here are the three most popular hat styles, which have been on the hot accessory list this year.

The fedora style hat

This classic and timeless style, came into being somewhere towards the beginning of the twentieth century, and is now back again as the fashion favorite. And aside from the regular black and brown shades, you have a chance to pick up this hat style in some amazing spring colors. Most of the earlier fedoras were made of soft felt; however it’s nice to see the new experiments in straw, textiles and twill.

This style has a touch of mystery and muscularity to it, which makes it a big hit, in line with the ongoing boyfriend dressing theme. It’s a nice way to add an air of manliness into your women’s wardrobe.

The trilby hat style

The style is quite similar to the one that we’ve just discussed, with the main difference being that the brim goes a little narrower in this case. Also the brim is seen wider at the front, and its width shrinks down towards the back. This hat was immensely popular with the jazz fashion, and now it has become well associated with the popular indie-fashion of today.

The Panama style straw hats

The style which is essentially South American is one, which is popular all over the world today, both because of the style and its practical use. It goes well with most spring and summer dresses, and its extra large brim acts as the non-cosmetic sun block. The style is worth investing in, because it’s one style that goes well with nearly every face shape.

Sidharth Thakur