Get Into The Habit Of Walking

walkinggirl Ask any health expert, and they will try and convince you about how wonderful walking is as an exercise.

Whether your target is to burn calories, improve blood circulation, tone up your body or reduce your cholesterol levels, regular walks can easily get you there. Walking seems the best option, when other strenuous workouts, such as cardio, resistance training and jogging, may be out of question.

Squeeze it into your schedule

Since, you don’t need any specialized equipment for it, and since it is such a universal activity, infusing a bit of walking into your everyday routine shouldn’t be a tough job.

If you’re working, and your work place is within close proximity, then you can always think about walking to your work place instead of choosing your regular conveyance. For another, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Also, instead of placing your grocery orders on the phone shift to the habit of walking down to the store and picking up things yourself.

For most other exercise programs, you need to dress up accordingly and do some warm up. But walking, doesn’t ask for anything except for some comfortable footwear. However, there are a few things that you must take care of, if you don’t want to give up your walking schedule too soon.

During summer months, sunburn and sun strokes may cause you to stop venturing outside in the heat. But before all these nuances begin taking a toll on your walking routine, get into the habit of using sunscreen to protect your skin and downing with least one glass of water before you go out.

Also, carrying some water along with you, just in case you feel thirsty during your walk, will prevent you from getting dehydrated. What’s even better is to schedule your walks for either early morning or late evening, that’s when it’s not too hot and the sun is not too sharp.

Walking is something very simple, enjoyable and yet so healthy, so why are you still sitting in front of the computer, just get up , wear your walking shoes and walk your way to health.

Sidharth Thakur

  • Walking is very good for health. It helps in many ways. Even climbing stairs again and again is good for health.