Get Glowing With Salt Body Scrub

Exfoliation is an integral part of skin care which gives it a healthy glow. When we are younger the skin replaces the dead tissue with fresh lease of cells naturally, but as we age the process slows down and requires external methods to remove the dead skin cells.

Exfoliating the skin removes the dull lifeless cells,  exposing an underlying healthier skin which is softer and more even toned skin texture.

But due to busy schedule we neglect to take care of the skin; which results in accumulation of dead cells giving rise to dull and rough skin. Two commonly followed exfoliation methods are microdermabrasion and chemical peel. Gels, lotions and creams are also available that helps in exfoliation. But those who prefer the natural way to care the skin can try home remedies.

Salt is an excellent exfoliant:

One of the best exfoliant is simple salt. In spa salt scrub is used in conjunction with many natural products to give healthy radiant skin. The simpler version of this treatment yielding rich benefits can be followed at home. Mix coarse salt or salt flakes with 2 tablespoons of olive or mustard oil. It is also suited for those with oily skin tone. Adding oil to exfoliating scrub is soothing and moisturizes the skin as well .

Use a drop of lavender or rose essential oil to give an aromatic fragrance. Start scrubbing from your feet using circular motions, reaching out up to your hands, giving special attention to areas with cellulite accumulation. Fats tend to accumulate in areas with poor blood circulation. For the neck and face use fine salt, as the skin around this area is sensitive. Care has to be taken not to go over the same area of the face more than once, to avoid abrading the skin. Wash off the salt scrub under the shower, massaging and scrubbing it into the skin.


Salt removes the dead dull skin cells, revealing a youthful skin endowed with bright radiance and sheen.  As the skin is massaged to remove impurities it smooths wrinkles and rough skin . Helps to prevents pores from being clogged with dead skin debris; allowing the skin to breathe freely.  Drains out toxins and increases blood circulation. It promotes cell renewal giving a healthy skin texture.