Get Back Into Shape with Aqua Aerobics

One of the safest and fastest ways to get back into shape is through aqua aerobics which also goes by the name of water aerobics. Aqua aerobics comprises of a set of aerobic exercises which are normally performed in a shallow body of water like a swimming pool.

Water or aqua aerobics is ideal for people aiming to shed their excess weight and get a more toned and fit body.

Aqua aerobics focuses on exercises relating to specific parts of the body like arm and leg exercises and core exercises. Unlike exercises performed on land the risk of injury is extremely less in aqua aerobics. This exercise is performed under the supervision of a trained instructor and normally executed to the strains of rhythmic music.

The individual performing aerobic exercises stands in chest deep water and begins the exercise routine with some slow cardio and stretching exercises which becomes more vigorous gradually. This is followed by weights and finally the exercise routine winds down with some slow and relaxed stretching exercises. A typical aerobic exercise lasts between 45 and 60 minutes and in this period 500-700 calories are burnt.

There are specialized equipment for executing these water exercises which include specialized water aerobic shoes, flotation devices, flippers and ankle or wrist weights. Many aqua aerobic exercises also incorporates movements like jumping, squats, kicking and dancing.

This exercise form is ideal for older people as also individuals suffering from joint problems and lower back pain as the movements done in aqua aerobics are of a slower pace and there are fewer chances of exercise related injuries as the water provides natural buoyancy.

The cushioning effect of water makes it an exercise form which is gentler on the body unlike most land exercises like running, jumping or skipping. Aqua aerobics is excellent for people suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis, lower back pain or individuals having heart conditions or those who are recovering from any sports related injury or have undergone surgery.

Aqua aerobics offers several advantages. Besides helping to burn up excess calories and in the process giving us a toned body, water aerobics also helps to reduce pent up stress, builds up the overall body strength and flexibility and prevents the body from getting overheated easily.