Get a Good Scalp Massage for Great Hair Growth

Hair loss is a normal body process where we shed our old hair. Each day we shed as much as a hundred strands of hair. This is normal because it also gets replaced by new hair growth.

It becomes a problem when there is no hair growth. If you shed as much as a hundred strands of hair each day and it does not get replaced with new hair, then you will end up going bald.


Hormones are one of the causes of hair loss. The particular hormone that causes it is testosterone. Men and women both produce the hormone testosterone responsible for the shedding of hair. Hair loss occurs when testosterone gets turned into dihydrotestosterone or what is simply called DHT.

The hormone DHT is responsible for shrinking the hair follicles, resulting in hair loss. When the hair falls out, there is no longer a chance for new hair to grow if the hair follicles have shrunk in size. This can lead to baldness for both men and women.

A Healthy and Stress-Free Life:

Living a stress-free life and eating healthy are one of the secrets to the prevention of hair loss. Stress is one of the major causes of hair loss, so it is best that you try to relax and stay away from any stressful situations. It is also important to eat healthy so that you can provide your hair with the nutrients that it needs in order to grow healthy.

Exercise the Scalp:

The body needs exercise in order to be healthy. The scalp is part of the body, so it also needs exercise. It is quite difficult to imagine how you can exercise your scalp. But it is actually very easy; you do not need any exercise equipment at all.

You just need to make use of your fingers to gently massage the scalp. Massaging the scalp can be very beneficial for hair growth because it improves the flow of nutrients to the scalp all the way to the roots of the hair.

Massaging the scalp regularly also improves the circulation of blood, thus preventing hair loss. You can give yourself a relaxing massage or ask a loved one to do it for you. If you are too tired to do it, you can head to a salon or spa and ask a therapist for a long scalp massage.