Get A Celebrity Type Skin

We every day watch many of the celebrities on the television or in the movie halls flaunting their beautiful skin in many ways. We see that they have no flaws at all on their skin and they have a very radiating and clear complexion along with a soft and supple face.

Watching all this, we often think and dream to have the same skin type and this is why we spend plenty amount of dollars in high priced salon treatments, spa’s, cosmetic surgeries etc but still do not get the results for which we have been spending all the hard earned money.

Well, this is a case where in millions of women on this earth are included and if you are also one amongst these millions then you are reading the right thing. To get an excellent skin it is not like that you only have to put in money, there are various things that you can do and get amazingly radiant skin, even better than your favorite celebrity.

The best thing to get rid of all the scars, acne, dryness and other flaws is egg yolk. Egg yolk when applied on your face once a week tightens the loosen skin, clean the pores and evens your skin tone, but do not apply this pack if you have dry skin. Yogurt is another way to get a fair skin.

Just add in some drops of fresh lime juice to yogurt and apply it all round your face and neck. Wash off when it dries and apply a good moisturizer. Exfoliate your skin with natural exfoliant sugar.

Mash a banana and mix the sugar in it till it dissolves. Massage your face with it for ten minutes and wash off. Now tough your face and feel the suppleness. Drink loads of water to get a glowing skin. You might not need make up when you start getting the glow on your skin with water.

Keep the use of chemical based make up to minimum and just switch on to mineral make up. Within a month of trying all the things mentioned above, you will see that you have achieved the results for what you have been trying hard for so many days.