Gain Control Over your Heavy Sweating

A lot of women just can’t seem to find a good solution to their sweating problem, and oftentimes they spend loads of money on whatever products seem to offer a promising result. Some people experience more sweating than others, and are constantly bothered by their body odor.

Although over sweating is more common during teenage, for some this embarrassing problem may continue even till later stages of life. In medical terms this excessive sweating is referred to as hyperhydrosis. The reason behind excessive sweating The main reason you may be over sweating is because the nerves responsible for sweating are somewhat hyperactive.

Some possible reasons why these nerves may have become hyperactive are poor eating habits, hormonal imbalance, and long-term illness, malfunctioning of glands and being on certain medication.

The way out Over sweating puts you in an awkward spot as you remain overly self conscious about your sweat and its odor when hanging around with people. It can crate obstacles in the social, personal and professional life. So here is three-step approach to dealing with the problem of over sweating.

Reorganize your diet There are some foods which cause the sweat glands to over work, while there are others which calm them down. Foods like cucumbers, raw onions, and beetroot could help in slowing down the sweat glands. You may have to cut down on the spices and processed foods containing preservatives, as these trigger the sweat glands to over work.

Increase your consumption of fluids (colas don’t count) to not only reduce sweating but also to reduce the odor in your sweat. Sage and green tea are also believed to help immensely with the problem of over sweating, so try and put them on your daily drinking list.

Antiperspirants These are the most trustable and most effective products to deal with excessive sweating. The main ingredient in antiperspirants that reduces sweating is aluminum chloride, and any antiperspirant that contains about 10-15 % of this chemical, can handle almost any case of excessive sweating.

Antiperspirants are available in spray, liquid roll-on, roll-on sticks and talc powder form, offering application convenience for everyone. Hygiene factor Hygiene plays an important role in fighting the problem of over sweating, so be particular about bating and changing your undergarments. Also shaving off the underarms and the pubic hair can reduce sweating and body odor.

Sidharth Thakur