Gadget Gifts for a Man

Babes and gadgets are the two addictions; no man can seem to get enough of. So, if you’re the hot babe in his life, you may envy the other love of his life, the cool gizmos and gadgets that seem to get his undivided attention.

Well, the best way to combat these techy enemies is to make them your friend. This is absolutely true. If you want to impress your boyfriend, all you need is to gift him a cool, ultra-glam gizmo that has been driving him crazy, lately. So if your boyfriend just can’t live without the technology in his life, here are some of the gizmos you can gift him with:

1 Apple I padWell, that’s undoubtedly the gizmo of the year. Every guy seems to be going nuts about it. You can gift your man this latest sensational gadget along with some of its accessories, all of which are easily available at most gadget stores.

2. Blackberry: If your boyfriend is from the business world, then this is probably the best gadget gift for him and he is sure to thank you for it. The blackberry can help him organize his work, email and enjoy internet connectivity right through his mobile phone, besides the other benefits offered by a blackberry.

3.Adidas miCoach: If your man is a fitness freak, then he will thank his stars for having you in his life, if you gift him one of these. It uses heart rate zones to create personalized workouts for you and gives you real time feedback.

4.Apple iPod: This is ultimate comfort for a music lover as you can carry thousands of your favorite song in this portable player. And what’s best is that it will become such an integral part of his life, that he will be reminded of your love for him, every time he listens to his favorite tracks.

5.LCD Television: If he loves spending time in front of the TV, this is the best gadget gift for him, provided you can afford one. A big LCD television on his wall is just what most men dream of.

And in case you’re looking for a cheap yet effective gadget to gift your boyfriend, you can think about a cool trendy digital watch, a laptop or an mp3 player, whichever suits your pocket.

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Sidharth Thakur