Funky Short Punk Haircuts For Girls

Funky Short Punk Haircuts For Girls

Funky Short Punk Haircuts For Girls The young generation of today is not afraid of trialing with new trends and styles. This is why the seventy’s short punk haircuts for girls is making its comeback. The punk hair cuts are mainly worn on very short to short and medium length hairs.

The best thing about this style is that if the wearer is confident about her look, any kind of punk hair style will suite her. Here are some funky short punk haircuts for girls of today.

Skate Style

This is a colorful short punk hairstyle for girls in which the hair strands are cut in an irregular manner and ends are colored in different shades. This hairstyle is famous among teenagers and creates a naughty look in them. One of the most famous celebrities who opted for this hairstyle is Kelly Osbourne.

Horror or Death Punk Hairstyle

As the name suggests, this hairstyle has a Gothic appearance. The hairstyle is characterized by the use of some vibrant colors like black and blue and then spiked in different directions. You will find that this hairstyle has been popularized in Hollywood to depict the ‘bad characters’ in a movie.

Pop Hairstyle

Pop Hairstyle

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 Avril Lavigne poses this hair style a lot. This style suits best on hair of medium length. In this hairstyle while half of the hairs are colored in different vibrant colors, the other half is left with its natural color.

Original Short Punk Hairstyle

 Made popular in the 70s and 80s, the original short punk hairstyle is one of the most audacious hairstyles till date. Hair gel is used to spike the hair at the center of your head. The spiked hair ends are then dyed in reds, crimsons, pinks and oranges.


 Mohawk or Mohican hair style is another form of short punk haircut that is worn by both boys and girls. This hairstyle is characterized by shaving either side of your head except for a narrow or broad strip in the middle of your head. In a typical Mohican hair style, the hair strands on the middle strip are spiked and colored in different shades.

The hairstyle has been improvised to produce other funky looks like the popular Short Punk Haircuts for Girls –The Chelsea Mohawk. This style varies very little from the typical Mohawk style except for bangs of hair strands left at the front. Some of the other hairstyles of Mohawk are-

Liberty Spikes

Liberty Spikes

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As the name suggests, in a liberty spike Mohawk hair style, the hair strands are spiked at the center just like the ‘Statue of Liberty’.

Reverse Mohawk

In this hairstyle, the middle portion of your head gets shaved while hair strands are left at the sides.

Side Hawk

It a funky hair style in which the back hairs of your head gets shaved down and funky spikes are produced from the strands starting from one of the sides to the other side.

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk or Fohawk is one of the latest trends of a typical Mohawk hairstyle. In this punk hairstyle, the side hair strands are cut shorter while the middle hair is permitted to grow. Other than tying ponytails with the middle hair, adventurous women can use gel to create spikes in the middle.  This is one of the most popular Short Punk Haircuts for Girls that is posed by both teenagers and the working group.