Fungal Skin Problems and Remedies

Skin problems are varied. After acne, a very common problem is fungal infections.

Unlike acne they are totally an external problem which is caused by intruders or technically speaking some kind of micro organisms.

We are well aware of micro organisms or simply microbes. They are the tiniest living creatures which are invisible to naked eye. But in contrast to their tiny sizes; the damages caused by them are severe to our health and well being.

Fungal infections are caused by fungus. It is also a type of micro organisms which resides in our body and relies on it. They thrives on our body, uses it to establish their colonies and causes infections and serious damages to it. Such organisms are also classified as pathogens.

Most common fungus is Tinea. Usually you will see a small red patch formed on your head scalp or skin or nails. As it grows it takes the shape of a ring and spreads into a bigger size. This causes a great amount of irritation and pain. It is popularly known as ringworm. It grows on different areas of our body.

Another one is Candida. It grows on the skin around the natural openings of our body or nails. It is like a white growth around mouth or vagina etc. It is the result of an infection caused by the fungus, Candida.

A very common fungal infection is the athlete’s foot. This fungus grows between the toes or on nails. This mostly happens when the toes are mostly subjected to moist conditions that can be water or sweat. Jock itch is the fungus which affects the thighs and groin areas. This causes immense itchiness.

All these cause our skin to rot and look ugly. When these infections are not properly treated, they can be fatal. So visiting to a doctor and taking proper medication is the best remedy to these infections.

A doctor examines your skin and finds the type of infection and identifies the fungus carefully. With proper diagnosis you can treat your wound with proper anti-fungal lotions and medicines available in the markets. But what is necessary is to take prevention. There is no meaning in enduring pain when you can easily avoid them.

You can avoid fungal infections by keeping your body parts clean. Always wash yourself with proper gel and antimicrobial soaps. Take extra precautions in seasonal changes. Like in rainy seasons, try to keep yourself dry as far as you can. Do not let sweat accumulate on your body. Take regular baths and stay fresh. Always wear good and clean foot wears, keep your clothes especially inner wears clean and tidy.