Fun Gift Ideas For Your Wife

Fun Gift Ideas For Your Wife

Fun Gift Ideas For Your Wife There is nothing more valuable than the smile on the face of your better half.  Whether it is her birthday, your wedding anniversary, or just a gesture to appreciate her contribution to the family’s well being, be thoughtful with your gift idea

If you can add some fun aspect to the gift, it would double the value of the gift make her laugh.

Fun Gift Ideas For Your Wife

Treasure Hunt

Your wife silently does the cooking, cleaning, shopping etc throughout the year for you and the family. She deserves some appreciation. So think up some gift idea. And if you add some twist to it, she would love it and proudly tell her friends and family about it. So set her off on a treasure hunt. Instruct your wife to go to her favourite pastry shop to pick up a packet.

When she collects it, leave a note, asking her to reach a spa, where prearrange for a spa treatment for her. And finally meet her at a restaurant to have a romantic dinner together. She will really enjoy the fun and admire the thoughtful gesture.

Weekend Vacation

Do you know that sometimes women want to go on a vacation not with you but with their close girl friends just as you love to spend time with your buddies? So keep your partner entertained by renting a mountain resort or beach house for her and her friends for the weekend. Pack a wine bottle, a few choicest chocolates and a brand new warm robe into her bag if she is going to the mountains.

For a beach tour, buy her a new bathing suit, a suntan lotion, a hat and a pair of flip-flops.  Plan ahead so that she can also plan about the kids and other household chores in advance. Also get travel catalogues for  the girls so that they can go for sightseeing and take part in different activities at the destination. On her return, when you will look at her glowing face, you will feel rewarded. And she will again get back to her daily grind with renewed vigour.

Shopping Spree

There is hardly any woman who does not like to shop. And if you arrange a special shopping trip for her, she will just love it. Get her gift vouchers from her favourite clothing store or jewellery shop so that she can buy something that she has been fancying for a long time. Or take her to an antique store or old country shop where she can pick up a Victorian brooch or trinkets. It could also be an Oriental vase, a painting or something else for the house which she generally does not buy. She can decorate her house and show off to her friends.

Picnic For Two

Organise a surprise outing for just the two of you. Make arrangement for the children to stay with a nanny or some friends or maybe at your parents’ place. Pack a picnic hamper for the two of you and some games. You may either go on a long drive listening to music along the river, or to some park or forest nearby or spend some quiet or naughty time at a beach making sand castles like the old days.

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