Frizzy Hair Solutions

Just like a woman with low metabolism requires putting in extra efforts on her workout to stay slim, the one with frizzy hair needs to take a little extra care of hair.

Basic hair care regimen which includes regular shampooing and conditioning are just not sufficient when it comes to improving hair texture. The main cause of frizzy hair is lack of proteins and moisture.Proteins, as we all know are the building block of hair so make sure that the protein supply in hair is good.

Eggs are rich source of proteins. Include them in your diet but for extra care, apply it over scalp directly half an hour before you wish to take a head wash.Shampoo it and see the amazing results.

Regular application removes the frizzy texture of hair. As for shampoo, choose moisturizing and creamy one. Investing in a leave in conditioner is a great choice for such a hair type as these types of conditioners provides a shield to hair for the whole day from effects of sun rays, dust, pollution, etc.

If you have straight hair, then styling becomes necessary as straight hair are normally unmanageable. So for frizzy straight hair, try out giving neat curls by the help of rollers but do not apply heated ones as they would ruin the texture further.

Do this process and leave rollers overnight. Remove them in the morning and have a happening hairstyle. For having straight hair, blow-drying is a good option. Keep the level of heat low while you do this and take small sections of hair at a time.

Regular oiling is essential for hair care especially for those who do regular hair styling. Oil the hair with hot coconut oil for 10 minutes thrice in a week and shampoo the next day.

If you wish, follow the massage with hot towel treatment but in such a case, shampoo the same day only. To control frizz, keep hair short, apply some oil drops to wet hair after shampoo, brush hair 10 times in a day and apply good amount of hair gel. Try it out.