Fresh Fashion For Spring

spring-fashion After the roughness of the winter here is spring knocking at our doors.  Let’s celebrate this season of love and romance with fresh mood and fresh fashion. Here are some guidelines about this year’s fashion trends:

Bright and Nude:

This year both bright and nude colors are in. The mix and match of vibrant with nude color is of the year’s high trend. Place the colorless dresses by the side of your bright ones in your wardrobe get dressed accordingly.

Passionate pink:

Enhance your femininity with the bold and hot pink shades. Bright and sensuous Pink is the high trendy shade of the season which will definitely modify not only your style but also your mood and confidence.

Jump over the jumpsuit:

Jumpsuits are back with a bang. You can choose anything: long, short, sleeveless, half sleeved. Jumpsuits are marked with the season’s signature.

Harem nights:

Pants just from the pages of the Arabian nights are in the vogue. The hesitant people may go for the basic black one with tucked in blouse. To be the style icon wear heeled shoes and carry on your harem look.

Bold blazers:

Slim cut, perfectly tailored blazers are a must for this season. But try the casual look with jeans too with the blazers. Be courageous to choose the bold colors for the blazers. There are plenty of suggestions in the web regarding the bold blazer colors.

Abstract or geometrical designs:

Define your fashion with some artistic designs whether abstract or geometrical. Add the printed graphic designer dresses in your wardrobe.

Fun with flowers:

Spring cannot be imagined without flowers. So why to deprive your dresses from the flowers? Floral prints are back in the fashion and a must have for the season. If you want something less flowery you can go for the flower printed skirts with normal trendy tops.