French Manicure for your Nails

French manicure is considered to be a treatment for small and medium sized nails and it is very popular as it makes the nails look all the more beautiful and help increase the beauty of your hands and impart elegance to your personality.

The following is the procedure for French Manicure:

The first step is to clean the nails. To start with the procedure, first of all use a good nail polish remover to remove all of the nail polish from the nails and then use a filer to give them the eloquent shape that is being looked for.

Then soak your nails in warm water. This helps in mild cleansing and also makes the cuticles softer. From this point on, you will be taking care of your cuticles to enable the nails get ready for that exquisite look. Push the cuticles back and apply the cuticle remover, if you are following the procedure for the first time.

You will find a lot of cuticles and the excess can be easily removed using the cuticle remover. After the cuticles have been removed, wash your hands in warm water and apply hand cream on and under the nails and rub it till it gets soaked in.

Leave the cream on for at least 2 or 3 minutes and then wipe the nails carefully using a tissue to remove the excess. Once the cream has been absorbed, apply a basecoat on the nails and let them stand till this coat gets dried.

Now choose a nail color that matches the color of the nail bed. Get the closest shade of pink. In case the exact match is not available, get a shade higher. Paint the nails and leave them to dry.

Ensure the color is pale. Leave it to dry for two minutes and then paint the nails again. Apply a white or a beige nail polish on the natural white tip of the nail and let the color curve along with the nail. This will give your nails a longer look.

After you have let this color dry, apply clear nail polish on the top to prevent the base color from getting affected. Wait for twenty minutes before you start using your hands. And do not forget to savor the loveliness of your nails!

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