Fragrances That Attract

We all say or rather taught to say that there is actually nothing in looks but we gals know that there is everything. We fall in love at first sight, we feel attracted by the looks of hot men. But do you know along with looks there is also another factor that draws women to men? That is perfume.

Scientists have proved that our body has pheromones and though it is basically non perceivable it increases attraction among males and females. It is not that hyper active like the animals but stil this naturally producing body scent acts rapidly through the special cells located in the nasal cavity and stimulates us.

However another thing that also helps in the attraction is the perfume. Most women prefer well groomed well perfumed males and if your boyfriend still goes about boasting machismo and the body odor then time to gift him a perfume or deo spray. Even he is quite well groomed then also do not forget to gift him a perfume or deodorant spray. It is the most common yet the most preferred gift items by males. There are numerous international and national brands available in the market for you to choose from.

Certain malls have exclusive outlets for these perfumes. Take for example Dolce and Gabbana the perfume made famous by Gisele, girlfriend of Leonardo Di Caprio and the secret to this attraction is no longer a secret. A light spray will be enough for you to realize the magic of perfumes. Apart from this there is Eliza De Wills and Lorenza, two of the world’s most respected perfume brands. If you do not want a burn a hole in the pocket then go for the Indian brands. There are many of them like Axe, Nivea, Adidas, Playboy etc. Go for them and indulge in pure sensuous pleasure.