Fragrances and Smells that Arouse Men

A survey has been conducted by the Chicago’s Research Foundation on fragrances that attract men in the age-group of 18 to 60.

Also the detailed study show how men have responded to different fragrances and what was the impact of the smells on their sexual desires.

The scents, men have responded favorably to, are mostly fruity and floral fragrances. For instance, the scent produced by lavender blended with pumpkin pie attracts forty percent men. Similarly, orange flavored fragrances mixed with lily of the valley returned a favorable reaction in a lot of men.

The smells of sandalwood and vetiver are also had a sexually arousing effect on men. Pumpkin pie merged with the scent of doughnuts also happens to produce significant arousal in lots of men according to the survey.

The scientists at Chicago’s Research Foundation have also propounded a theory that there are aphrodisiac qualities present in the pumpkin pie which contain substances like vanilla and cinnamon due to which men feel aroused.

Apart from these smells generated from fruits, there are other scents produced from unusual substances like black licorice, popcorn and cola that had an equally invigorating effect on men’s sexual desires. It has been found that 20 percent of men responded well even to strange fragrance combinations like the scent of black licorice mixed with the aroma of cola.

There were also a small percentage of men got sexually aroused with the smell of doughnut and cola put together. The smell of popcorn scored no less on this scale.

Especially, popcorns braised with flavored butter managed to produce an unusual scent that was a mood lifter for 9 percent of men who were studied during the research.

So Ladies, you now know what to put on the dining table to get your man excited sexually.

Perfumes that excite men

Resin plant contains chemicals that increase or propel natural human body smells. However, the effect of pheromones are not that strong on sexual arousal, both in men and women, as humans are not able-enough to find their partners by tracking human pheromones.

Fragrances with resins can be very intense, sensual and seductive. Lancôme Magic Noire, Givenchy L’Interdit, Van Cleef and Arpels Pour Homme are some that attract men dominantly.

Fragrances enriched with orange flavor namely Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll and Tommy Hillfiger Dreaming are also invigorating fragrances, and are perfect to uplift a man’s mood.

These perfumes and many others with similar fragrances ignite the deep recesses of the man’s brain.