Four Wardrobe Essentials For A Woman

A Classic Shirt

A classic woman’s shirt is indeed the most fashionable and the most versatile top wear, which can be clubbed up with different types of bottom wear to create different looks. Get two of those, one in white and the other in black, and these two colors can be coordinated with just about any other color.

If you want more attention on the top part of your body then stick to the white one and wear a dark colored trouser to visually trim down a heavier bottom. The accessories that you choose to wear will decide what type of a look you’re trying to create, for instance wearing a slim pendant has a classy effect and on the other hand chokers have a more dynamic effect. One thing that you must avoid is wearing the shirts over tight leggings or short frilled skirts.

Great Fitting Trousers

While wearing a shirt one size bigger or smaller won’t make much of a difference, with plants you need to be extra particular about the right size and the right fit. And unless the fitting of the trouser flatters the lower part of your body, you are less likely to wear it. As for the color, darker earthy shades are definitely more pleasing, with the black one being a must have, as it blends well with almost all colors. For a great look complement it with a tunic or a proper fitting blouse. And for a rock-the-party look, wear it with a camisole and a patterned scarf tied around the waist.


Although the market offers you a wide choice of different lengths, knee-length is the one on which to lay your hands. Top it up with a nice fitting blouse, matching pumps and a matching hand bag and you’re good to go anywhere. Put on a blazer and the office look is in place. And for a more feminine look try a ruffled blouse.

A nice a pair of jeans

Jeans are indeed the most essential part of every clothing wardrobe, be it men’s or women’s.  While some fits may come and go, with changing trends, there are some fits that always remain a favorite, like straight leg, so do pick up a few evergreen cuts too. For a real casual look wear your jeans with an unbuttoned white shirt and a trendy tank top underneath, or else try it with pumps and sequin tops to look glamorous.

Sidharth Thakur