Four Stylish Bags For Every Season

Four Stylish Bags For Every Season

Four Stylish Bags For Every Season No look is completed without accessorizing it properly. It is one thing that holds all the powers to accentuate your look with style and to do that unwanted disaster to your style statement. In this era, where “Lesser is More”, a single bag can do wonders to your overall look.

Not only as a style object, a bag is also your best friend that carries your world with you. But a single style of bag would not do justice to your complete wardrobe. You got to have different styles to match your different range of attires. I agree that having a different bag for every dress is like a pain to your pocket. That is why, we bring to you this “cheat code”, that would help you to choose a right bag for your look, without spending an ounce of moolah.

Tote Bag:

tote bag

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This kind of bag is never out of style, though, the versions keep changing themselves with time. The latest one is a large bag with handles (or straps) attached in the centre. The material may vary from leather to cotton and even denim, but the basic functionality remains the same, and that is; it carries your world with you. Spacious and comfortable, a tote bag is a suitable option with almost every attire.

You can carry it to college with your casual jeans and t-shirt look or to your work, with an all-formal look. The best part about this bag is the variety that is offered. You can find a huge collection of such bags in the market with different shapes and sizes. The varied texture makes them interesting and unique. You can boast different styles without making it repetitive. The latest rage in this category is plain totes in bold colors.

These are open bags with short straps and the front flaunting a slogan depicting your mood. You can choose the one that suits your personality. Carry this with your casual jeans-tee combo and you are ready to rock the style world.

Clutch Bag:

Clutch Bag

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You are invited to this much “talk-of-the-town” party and you are glowing pink in proud. You have decided to wear that flowy party dress that you own from the leading designer label. But you are unsure about how you carry your cell-phone and a bit of touching-up material. Now that is where a clutch bag comes to solve your problem. It is a small and rectangular evening bag which does not have any handle.

It is carried or clutched in one hand and that is why it is named as such. It can be used to carry your currency, your cell-phone and even cosmetics. The material may vary from leather to glitter and even metal. A large variety of such bags is available in abundance in various sizes. You can even find clutches with flashy metal chains attached to them that serve as a handle.

The best part about this bag is that it can make you embrace style just by its mere presence. Apart from its basic function of carrying, it accentuates your overall look too. Wear a sari or a baby-doll dress, an evening gown or the simple denim-flashy top look, a clutch bag is apt to suit any of them. So the next time you are attending an evening out, you know who your style’s best friend is.

Sling Bag:

Sling Bag

The latest rage in the fashion world is a sling bag. It is a bag with long string attached and is worn on one shoulder with the string winding around the chest. The long string makes the bag rests on the lower bag. If you want to keep your look casually simple yet stylish, this is an apt piece for you. It can be used to carry more stuff than a clutch bag and it generally has pockets all around, which makes it an easy carrier for a huge number of things.

The market has a vast variety of such bags in different shapes and sizes. The material may again vary from cotton to leather. The latest one to grab is a leather sling bag in bold colors. The shape may depend upon a round or a rectangular one. Carry it to your college or make a style statement while carrying it to a fun day out. This bag is apt to go with any casual attire, be it a cute-girly skirt and hot pants look or a simple jeans and a t-shirt.



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For all you females, carrying currency and plastic money was never as stylish as it is with this invention of a wallet. A wallet is known more for its functionality than for making a style statement. It is a flat case with folds that is used to carry currency, credit cards and important documents like driving license, business cards etc. It can be kept as a part of another tote or sling bag and also can be taken separately.

The market if full of a variety in wallets, that are available in different sizes and shapes. Generally a wallet is pocket-sized but a rectangular wallet which gives us a combination of wallet and clutch bag can be more useful and can add more style to one’s look. The material can also vary from leather, faux leather or fabric. These are available in textured or printed versions in a huge choice of colors. Grab the one that suits your requirements and be stylishly organized.

A bag is one accessory that is a must-have in every season, be it any occasion. All these bags are your best friends when it comes to carry your world in style. So the next time, whenever you need to carry your belongings and your ultimate style quotient, you know, which one to rely upon. Be a style princess and allow these bags to enhance your fashion statement. All you need is to follow this mantra and you are ready to rock the world. Keep it stylish to make the heads turn and the peers, jealous.

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