Four Best Fruits For Hair And Skin Care

Four Best Fruits For Hair And Skin Care

Four Best Fruits For Hair And Skin Care Fruits being a rich source of vitamins and minerals and various antioxidants are very good for overall health. But the same qualities of fruits make it amazing for hair and skin as well.

Pollution, extreme temperatures, exposure to harsh rays of the sun, other environmental factors, etc. can have a negative impact on skin as well as hair. Long term exposure to these factors can damage your skin and hair to irreparable extent. When the damage is done, you run to salons and stores looking for various products and treatments. Most products and treatments are effective, but those might leave your pockets empty.

We have become so dependent on technology for everything that we have almost forgotten the various benefits nature can offer us. Most companies claim that their products are very effective due to the presence of fruit extracts and herbs and we easily believe their claims and spend thousands of dollars on such products.

But have you ever imagined the benefits you can reap by using all such fruits directly for hair and skin care. Most of you might have excuses like lack of time for such things. But if you lack time, then be happy with your damaged hair and skin. Some easy recipes involving various fruits for skin and hair can work wonders for you. Here are a list of fruits for great skin and hair.


Avocados are very good for health as well as for skin and hair. You can directly applied mashed avocados on your face or hair for great results. You can also combine avocados with some ingredients for best results. You can grind avocados to a paste and add some honey to it and apply this paste to your face. You can also replace honey with yogurt for soft and supple skin.

Let this mask dry completely and then wash it off. Your skin will feel softer and smoother. You can also grind avocados with honey and yogurt to a paste consistency. You can also add an egg to the same mixture if you do not mind the odor.

Make sure that you grind it in puree form and ensure that it is free of any lumps. Then you can add some olive oil and blend the mixture again to get a smooth paste like consistently. Apply it on your scalp and throughout the entire length of your hair. Leave it on for about an hour and then wash it off. This recipe will induce shine and softness to your hair.


Bananas are rich source of various vitamins which are essential for hair and skin. You can simply take a small slice of banana and massage your skin with it for soft and supple skin. You can also try making a paste of banana and honey and apply it on your face for moisturizing your skin and to delay wrinkles. You can also replace honey with milk cream in case of dry skin.

People with dry skin should use bananas for skin care as it nourishes the skin and make the skin look smoother. Do not waste banana peels. A number of studies have revealed that using banana peels for skin care helps keep wrinkles at bay.

All you have to do is take a banana peel and press it against the wrinkle prone areas of your facial skin. For hair care, you can simple make a paste of bananas and olive oil or any other oil of your choice. Apply this paste on your hair and wash it off after about half an hour. This nourishes your hair and repairs damaged hair.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are loaded with vitamin C and hence is very good for skin and hair. Skin as well as hair needs ample amounts of vitamin C. The presence of vitamin C in adequate amounts is a must in your diet for great skin and hair. An orange peel facial combined with honey works wonders for your skin.

A piece of lemon can be rubbed on your skin for lightening your complexion and to remove sun tan as well. You can also try massaging your face with juice of orange and lime combined with some honey to soften and nourish your skin. You can also apply the same to your hair and wash it off to condition your hair. Lemon also helps keeps dandruff and other hair problems at bay.


Another amazing fruit for skin and hair care is papaya. Papaya is again a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants which makes it very beneficial for skin and hair care. You can apply a face mask of papaya and honey to your face or simply massage your face with a little paste of papaya.

You can also make a paste of papaya with milk cream for softer skin. This recipe is not recommended for those with oily skin. You can also try making a paste of papaya, olive oil and honey for hair. This nourishing hair pack will not only soften your hair but also make it look shiny and healthy.

A number of other fruits like various berries and melons are also excellent for skin care. You can use strawberries to scrub your face and melons to hydrate your skin. These gifts from nature are far more effective than those expensive skin care products which are loaded with chemicals. These recipes might get quite messy and difficult to wash, but are certainly effective.

You will have to put in some effort for great hair and skin. If you just cannot spare time for these recipes, then at least gorge on these fruits. Include plenty of these fruits to your diet. Every meal you have should contain a portion of fruit and vegetable salad.

When you feel like snacking on something between meals, then pick one of these fruits instead of munching on a pack of chips. These fruits helps detoxify the body and purifies blood to reveal gorgeous skin. So make these tasty fruits a part of your life for great skin and hair.

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