Foster Parent – What Requirements Do You Need To Satisfy?

If you’d like to care for children in crisis and you want to provide such a child with a temporary home, you’re the right candidate who can become a foster parent.

As a foster parent, you need to understand the child’s behavioral and emotional problems and give him/her a lot of support. This article will let you know about the requirements you need to fulfill in order to become a foster parent.

Requirements to become a foster parent:

You should be at least 21 years of age in order to become a foster parent. You should be physically capable to handle children in crisis. You should have enough space in your home to accommodate the child. Your home should satisfy the basic standards regarding fire, safety and sanitation. You should not have the habit of taking alcohol or drugs. You should have enough money with you to financially take care of the child, even though you may get financial assistance for being a foster parent.

If you’d like to be a foster parent, you need to pass a criminal background check and prove that you have never abused a child before. However, there may be other requirements which you may have to satisfy. These requirements vary from one state to another. What you need to do is, find out these requirements with a foster care specialist in your state of residence. To become a foster parent, you need to contact a local foster care agency or your state social services department.

Being a foster parent requires you to go through pre-placement training where you’ll be taught how to treat a child who’s disabled or who’s been through early abuse or other unfortunate situations. It’s your foster care specialist who’ll guide you regarding any information on the training programs available for foster parents.

You’ll also have to go through a licensing process and you’ll need to get reference from a doctor who’ll make sure that you and your family do not have diseases that the child can get infected with. You may also have to provide letters of reference from your employer and a few other individuals who know you very well.