Foot Care Tips To Relieve Diabetic Nerve Damage

spa_pedicure Diabetic Nerve Damage, medically known as Peripheral Neuropathy is an evil reality. Depriving the feet of the required oxygen and other nutrients and making blisters, sores or cuts fatal, it can eventually lead to amputation. If you are a diabetic patient and going through this insufferable pain, we tell you how to treat your feet for relief.

Foot Care Tips to Treat Diabetic Nerve Damage:

Keep A Check On Your Feet: Blisters or sores are more likely to affect in between your toes. So make sure to keep a watch on your feet every single day. Waterlogged sores are fatal and take much time to heal. So do not soak in water for too long. Dry your feet gently and do not be harsh on the blisters.

Wear Well-Fitted Shoes: Always buy well-fitted shoes and socks. A misfit shoe will only make the blisters turn worse. Scratches causes by rough seams can lead to fatal sores.

Say No To Bare Foot: Avoid walking barefoot and always wear thick-padded socks.

Stay Clean And Soft: Use a foot lotion every night before going to bed to keep your feet soft and supple. Do not apply it in between your toes. Trim your toenails on a regular basis and remove the cuticle to keep it clean. Make sure your feet are soft and dry. File calluses by using a pumice stone while bathing.

Practice Non-Impact Exercises: Practice yoga, meditation, cycling or swimming. These do not exert much pressure on the feet but have a positive impact on the body.

Go For Fitted Orthotics: Fit your shoes with orthotics which is used to weaken diabetic nerve pain. It supports the feet and gives relief from pain. Consult a podiatrist for this.

Keep A Check On The Blood Glucose Level: Lower down your sugar level by indulging less on sugar or glucose.

Quit Smoking: If you are a smoker, you’re at a major risk. Smoking prevents proper blood flow to the feet.

If you keep these tips handy, you will be able to cope up with diabetes nerve pain better. Always remember, prevention is better than cure!