Foot Care Tips

Your feet speak a lot about your hygiene and your personality. However, it is generally noticed that feet are among some of the most neglected parts of a person’s body.

It is because somehow everyone undeniably believes that sprucing oneself means only glossing one’s face and dressing one’s body. However, it is also important to spend some time caring for your feet which can save you from many feet related problems in future.

A  Beautiful, smooth and clean pair of feet looks very elegant. Below are some practical and easy to follow tips for foot care.

The most basic step to care for your feet is to wash them every day with soap. Scrub them thoroughly, especially areas around the nails and on heels to remove all the stubborn dirt.

Scrubbing them will also remove the dead skin cells that usually get deposited to form a hard coat on the surface of the feet.  Wash off with lukewarm water, towel dry and apply foot cream. Always keep the spaces between your toe fingers dry or else water clogged in them can give rise to bacterial infections

Take care to apply a good brand of sunscreen on your feet (if you are wearing sandals or slippers) along with other exposed parts of your body every time to decide to step out on a hot sunny day. This will prevent your skin from tanning and being effected from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun

Wash and scrub your feet nicely before going to sleep. Towel dry and apply a moisturizer. Sleeping overnight with dirty feet can make them look very ugly. Take care to not apply foot creams and moisturizers in the spaces between the toe fingers.

This area is not able to breathe properly due to congested spacing. It is also advisable to go for foot sprays, powders and airy shoes to prevent any problem of foot odors

So, if you haven’t been taking enough care of your feet, begin it from now on. You can incorporate these simple tips as part of your everyday hygiene regime.

neha madan