Foods To Get You Into The Mood

sex-food We all know that foods can improve our health status, but did you know that certain foods can help in perking up your sex derive too?

To know more about what foods can help in improving your sex life just read through this article, and most likely you will be delighted at how simple it is to perk up your sex life with foods.

Finding it difficult to get into the mood

To increase your sexual desire and to get an instant boost of positive energy, try some dark chocolate with a high cocoa percentage. Cocoa contains certain stimulants which enhance your body’s sensitivity, thus making you more desirous of having sex.

Phenyl-ethylamine is also presents in cocoa, and this stimulant gives you a slight natural kick which can instantly push your sex drive a little higher. Now what’s most important here is to get chocolates which have at least 60% cocoa, because cocoa is the one that contains all the magical stimulants.

Red wine is another way to set the mood, because it again contains certain stimulants which can increase the arousal. However, here you need to tread carefully and stop immediately after the first glass, because beyond that the alcohol will start depressing your nervous system and will make it harder for you to sustain the arousal.

Both red wine and chocolates are as good aphrodisiacs as oysters, and the best part is that they’re not very costly and you won’t have to eat them raw, as is the case with oysters.

When you want to conceive

Sex is not always about pleasure, and at times you may want to have more passionate sex just to procreate. If that is the case, that is you want to get pregnant, then offer your man some Brazil nuts because these are known to help in producing healthy sperm.

With the present day lifestyle our bodies are bombarded with toxins, and these toxins can damage the sperm which can lead to birth defects later on. These nuts contain a lot of selenium, which will not only insure that your man’s sperms are healthy but will also increase the sperm mobility. As for you, you will need to cut down on your Trans fat consumption so as to boost your fertility.