Foods For One Year Old

Parents, especially mothers, worry a lot about the type of food that should be given to their baby in the first year. At this time, every new thing makes them jump with joy and excitement. It could be the time when the baby starts eating solid food, is introduced to other liquids or when other food items are given for the first time. All these phases may seem very common to many people but only parents of a newborn child can understand how special these seemingly small activities are.

The most common food given to a one year old baby is mashed fruits. You can introduce your child to mashed apple, mashed papaya, mashed banana, etc. Fruits that can be easily mashed and are soft in nature can also be given.

However, ensure that the fruits are not very cold or the baby might suffer from cold and cough. You can also give mashed bananas with milk to your baby. Papaya is also a good health option, especially when the baby has some constipation problems. Some other fruits such as pear, chikoo and mango can also be included in the diet of your baby.

Apart from fruits, you can also introduce vegetables to your baby’s diet. Vegetables like tomato, cauliflower, cabbage, bottle guard etc can be boiled and mashed before they are given to the baby. It is advisable to give small amounts of these vegetables to your baby at the initial stage. See how your child responds to these food items. Accordingly, you can increase the quantity later.

Once you baby starts eating vegetables and mashed fruits, you can also introduce him or her to porridge. Once or twice a day, the baby can eat different types of porridge food that are prepared from cereals. You can begin giving two teaspoons initially and then increase the quantity gradually.