Foods And Vitamins For Beautiful Skin

If your idea of skin care begins and ends with using a whole lot of cosmetics, then do spend a minute or two and read on because we will give you a whole new perspective in skin care. Use whatever cleansers, creams and lotions, their effect on your skin is only temporary and if you wish to enjoy a healthy and radiant skin you will have to begin skin care from within.

Skin is also an organ, in fact it is the largest organ, of our human body and like any other organ it too requires good nutrition to stay in good health. And only when your skin is healthy from inside will it shimmer and shine on the outside. Of all the different nutrients that somebody requires, vitamins are the most central to keep our skin in good health and to prevent skin related problems and disorders.

Blemished and lifeless skin is a clear indication that your diet is strongly lacking in vitamins. Maintaining your skin in good health with the use of vitamins is not just easy and a good deal cheap but also brings in a load of other health benefits.

The problem of dry skin, wrinkles and acne can be dealt with vitamin A, which is the vitamin which takes care of the regular repair and strengthening of the skin tissues. The next one on your list should be vitamin E which is a strong antioxidant and prevents your skin against free radical damage, while at the same time helping in repairing sun damage.

Vitamin C which is essential for the building up of our immunity system, works a great deal towards healing wounds and bruises and rejuvenating the skin. Another antioxidant is a vitamin D which is also essential for skin pigmentation.

Coming to the B group of vitamins, each of its constituents has a big role to play in skin care. There is vitamin B1 which helps in getting rid of the toxins and in ensuring good blood circulation, and then there is vitamin B2 which prevents acne and ensures general skin health. Vitamin B3 is also known to help with improved blood circulation. While Vitamin B6 works towards skin defense system, vitamin B5 is a great stress buster.

So, it’s time that you start raking the fruits and vegetables stalls for better skin care, rather than wasting money at the cosmetic shops.

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