Food Which Causes Bad Breath

There are many food types other than onion and garlic that cause bad breath. It is because of the sulfur compounds that are created in the mouth by the bacteria, that there is bad breath and taste disorders.

There are a variety of foods that cause bad breath. The first food type that causes bad breath creates dryness in the mouth and hence allows the bacteria to develop. Alcohol is on the top of the list and consumption of alcohol invariably causes bacteria to develop.

A person who would have consumed alcohol has dryness in his/her mouth that causes favorable conditions for the bacteria to exist and thrive. Lack of saliva and warmth of the mouth are optimum conditions to allow the bacteria to thrive and hence cause bad breath. There is a similar effect of smoking, which also causes dryness in the mouth.

Eatables which are high in protein content and are packed with nutrients are also responsible for bad breath in the mouth. If you are someone who does not like or is not comfortable with milk and milk products like yogurt and usually opt for other protein packed food items, then remember that they tend to stick between the teeth, which act as a fuel for the bacteria that are easily able to break the remainder of such food items into bad breath inducing sulfur compounds. These bacteria are present in the throat and on the tongue and the food when it breaks down into amino acids is when the bacteria find a fertile ground to create these compounds which cause bad breath.

Coffee and citrus juices also result in bad breath. It is not a well known fact but both decaffeinated coffee and regular coffees have acidic content. Likewise tomato, orange, pineapple and grapefruit juice are known to have the highest acidic content amongst citrus fruits.

Acid helps bacteria in the mouth thrive and multiply faster and hence excessive consumption of coffee and the above mentioned fruit juices also results in bad breath. Last but not the least, food with high sugar content is also responsible for bad breath.

To take care of your oral hygiene, brush at least twice a day, wash mouth after every meal and floss teeth on a regular basis.