Food Tantrums In Children

More than eighty percent of parents who have growing kids have to fight a grave battle while feeding the children every day. However it is not completely a lost war, there are ways to win the battle as well. A little change in the tactics here and there periodically will certainly help.There are methods to find out what went wrong at the table.

Menus should not come as a surprise during a scheduled lunch time. The ideal time for introduction of any new food is as soon as it is bought and when it gets prepared immediately after it lands in the home, and certainly not at the regular eating time.

The child should be given multiple choices while offering any food for the first time and after the child has selected a dish or a food item you should reciprocate by saying thanks. However the kid should be also reminded of the standard menu they have at lunch or dinner.

At times food bridges work wonders for children. For example, if a child is to be introduced to a new food, and the parents are finding it difficult to do, they can offer the child his or her favorite food and introduce the new food along with it, so that they don’t realize the change right-away and gets used to it. Like introducing carrots by smashing and mixing it with that child’s favorite mashed potatoes.

Hiding foods like that of sweets is a wrong method usually followed. Research suggests that by restricting a certain flavor or type of food we actually help the children to increase their craving for the same.Instead a better choice would be to serve them with healthier alternatives of that same flavor.

Healthy low sweeteners can prove to be better than direct sugar–helping in preventing any issue with the blood sugar level and as well serve the purpose. Offering the children dehydrated apple in place of crisps is a good choice.

Another common mistake practiced by parents and is considered a major put off for children is an overloaded plate of foods. It is always advisable to serve a child in lesser amount than is considered necessary by the parent. Even the child feels satisfied and pleased for being able to manage finishing maximum portion or the complete meal.

It is always a better practice to serve the child less and then reassure them of being able to ask and get more if required by them. Feed the child in proper balance and keep the wellness ratio in balance.