Food Poisoning During Pregnancy

Food poisoning can become a serious cause of concern when you are pregnant.

This is because the havoc created by food poisoning affects not only you but your baby too. Unhealthy eating habits and consumption of unhygienic food can cause food poisoning.

The various changes taking place in the body during pregnancy makes a pregnant woman very much susceptible to food poisoning. The severity of the symptoms varies with the intensity of food poisoning.

A rise in the body temperature, dehydration, vomiting and diarrhea are the common symptoms of food poisoning.These side effects of food poisoning can put a lot of stress on the growing fetus. If the condition of food poisoning is severe, then it can even cause miscarriage or still birth.

20 percent of the pregnant women suffer from a type of bacterial food poisoning termed as listeriosis.If not treated, this will lead to fetal death or can cause the baby to suffer from breathing problems and meningitis after his birth.To combat this condition, the doctor will usually prescribe some antibiotics that are safe to use during pregnancy.

Another type of food poisoning is called toxoplasmosis which is caused by a parasite named Toxoplasma.This condition may cause eye problems for the baby and can also turn out to be fatal at times.

Extra care and precautions should be taken so as to avoid food poisoning.

Your kitchen and dining area should always be kept clean and hygienic.Do not allow your pets to enter the kitchen, as they can act as the bearer of infections. Also make it a point to clean your hands thoroughly before preparing food and also before eating food.

Before cooking wash the vegetables and the raw meat thoroughly.The utensils used for cooking should also be sterilized properly by using hot soapy water. Also wash the dish clothes daily at the highest possible temperature.

The meat and poultry should be cooked well.Consumption of undercooked animal products can cause food poisoning. Avoid having raw fish,dry meat and unpasteurized milk  products

Do not use any packed food items past its date of expiry The refrigerator should be kept clean and tidy. Do not store cooked foods for a long time in the refrigerator.Make it a point to keep the food items covered always.If you exhibit any symptoms of food poisoning, then call upon your doctor for immediate help.