Food For Baby’s First Year

Food tips for the Baby's First Year

Food tips  for the Baby's First Year World Health Organization (WHO) is reiterating again and again that you must nourish your baby exclusively on breast milk for the first six months of its life. It is vital and extremely important for the development of immune system of your baby. Even water is not recommended.

However, once the very important six months of your baby’s life are over you may switch over to other food supplements. But the mother’s milk should be continued for at least two years. Here below we will discuss the various food items that can be introduced during the first year of your baby’s life in order to cater to its increased dietary needs.

Food For Baby’s First Year

Let Nature Guide You

Let the normal development of your baby indicate the right time and also the type of food to be introduced. Swallowing naturally comes to your baby during the fifth month so from the sixth month you may introduce a variation in liquid food and water. Teeth will start making their appearance within a period of nine months which is the nature’s own way to let you know that your baby is now ready to be introduced to the world of solid food.

Introduce the food one at a time this will allow your baby to accommodate itself with the new item and will give you time to gauze its body’s reaction to different food items. You will know whether or not your baby is allergic to certain food items or which items do not suit the digestive system.

The Initial Food

Readymade baby foods should be avoided at all cost as they are devoid of all the essential micronutrients and vitamins essential for your baby’s development. After six months you may offer your baby mashed and pureed fruits like banana, apple and all the various types of vegetables like carrot, potato etc can be boiled and blended with the help of a fork or spoon to make it into a soft paste. Organic egg yolk rich in omega 3 fatty acid and protein is quite vital for your baby’s growth.

Continuously Introduce New Foods

Slow but steady wins the race, the same is the case with you. Gradually but steadily keep introducing a variety of food items in your baby’s diet. Don’t get deterred if it rejects new food at first. Continue insisting and rotating various food items. In course of time with increased exposure your baby will get used to eating a wide range of fruits and vegetables which are very essential for an all-encompassing growth and development.

What to Avoid

In the first year avoid all the food items that have a potential for toxicity and allergy, like honey and soya, egg white, citrus fruits, milk and the various nuts etc always keep processed food and those with sugar additives, artificial components and preservatives completely at bay. Fruit juices also need to be avoided and if given should have water added to it. Meat and grains are hard to digest so it is best to introduce them after the completion of the first year.