Food Allergies

allergic-reactions Is there a possibility of developing food allergy in adulthood? On two different occasions a patient after consumption of shellfish had developed dire stomach pains along with itchy hives. The patient had never experienced such issues before.

James T. Li, M.D. states that the signs as described have possible indications of a type of food allergy. The patient should avoid consuming any variety of shellfish before consulting the family physician.

Food allergies mostly start in the childhood. However, allergies can develop in a person’s life at any age. Hence, the possibility of developing a food allergy in adulthood is quite possible.

There is no clear definition that indicates the how and why of such an occurrence, but all types of allergies due to one common basic reason when our immunity system incorrectly categorizes a nontoxic or safe substance to be a perilous intruder.

When we are eating a food that we are allergic to, our immune system immediately starts releasing symptom –originating substances like histamine. These substances start reacting to produce both minor and major symptoms causing trouble to our health.

The symptoms and signs of food allergy can include: Tightening and restriction in the airways. There can be a lump formation in the throat or a inflamed throat creating difficulty in breathing.

Such things can also include a sudden and rigorous drop in the blood pressure. Even the pulse rate can get rapid all of a sudden. Allergic symptoms can even cause lightheadedness, sudden consciousness loss, or dizziness.

There can be quite a number of situations resulting in unfavorable food reactions. However, most of such conditions are results of intolerance to a particular food, rather than of an actual food allergy. In contrast to an actual food allergy the food intolerances does not involve our immune system, and hence the severity is much lower.

In case of a food intolerance one may still be capable of consuming that offending food in tiny quantities. However, in case of  an actual allergy to the food even consumption of small quantity of that food would be enough to cause the symptoms.

However, in all such case, diagnosis is very necessary as either way the condition would be requiring medical attention and avoidance or barring of certain foods or food.