Follow Easy Steps to have a Flawless Back

If you have maintained a beautiful body then you must love to flaunt it.

Your back can be a seductive asset if you know how to maintain it and with the right attire baring your back, you can turn into an elegant and ravishing enchantress.

There are many back exercises that help you tone your back. That is the first step. The simplest of all these exercises is called the reverse fly which can convert your back into an elegant graceful part of you.

Bend down forward from the waist with your back straight and your legs slightly bent. Hold dumbbells in your hands hanging down. Spread your arms slowly sideways in the same position.

Ensure that the dumbbells are light in weight. Pause and then lower them to the starting position. Repeat ten to fifteen times. This one exercise will guarantee a beautiful toned back if done regularly.

If you have long hair, wash them thoroughly regularly. They stay in contact with the skin of your back and can transfer dirt onto which thereby causing pimples. Also avoid any shampoos that are harsh. The remnants in your hair will affect the skin of your back too. Ensure that long hair is not in touch with your back for a long time.

Regularly massage your back for the right tone and use herbal oils that will replenish the nutrients in the skin and make it look smooth and supple.

It is also suggested that if you have pimples on your back, then use toothpaste on them to cure them. Use non fancy toothpaste (one without mint flavor and mouthwash, for example) and not any new fashionable ones.

Apply it on the pimples and blemishes for five minutes and wash it off. Use cleanser to clean your back regularly to avoid any pimples. Use a bath lotus daily with a soft soap and scrub your back.

For removing spots and blemishes in case they happen to be, use Chamomile lotion. Apply some on cotton wool and dab it on the spot. Let the spot gently dry out. In this case, do not use oily moisturizers in the area.

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