Flirting: Learn This Subtle Art

first-date-300x279 You’re sitting in some restaurant and there on one corner tables of the restaurant is sitting a cute looking guy who is looking at you through the corner of his eyes and you don’t know what to do next.

Well, if you find yourself caught up in such situations too often and don’t know how to make the first impression and catch his attention, then you’ve probably not mastered the art of flirting.

Flirting is an exciting game that both men and women play to entice someone from the opposite sex (except when you’re gay) into some kind of a temporary relationship, doesn’t matter weather it is sexual or not.

Flirting is actually an art, but definitely one that cannot be mastered. So if you want to attract some guy and have some fun moments with him, learning the subtle moves that can catch his attention and make him to come and begin talking to you are what you need to learn.

We are detailing out a few flirting tactics, but don’t expect them to work in each and every situation because every guy is different and every situation is different too.

The first thing is to make a judgment about the right time and the right place, or else you might end up in troubled waters. It’s almost like the tiger eyeing its prey, and making the final move only when he thinks it is most conducive to jump onto its prey.

If the situation and the timing is not right just drop the idea, for instance if the guy is in the middle of an argument with his girlfriend or his boss then your actions may not get the right reactions.

When the place, the situation and the time seems perfectly right, then you need to make your first move. Don’t shy away from making the first move, because after all we’re living in the twenty first century and it’s perfectly acceptable to see a girl approaching a guy. But at the same time remember you mustn’t portray yourself as being too strong, because even in this modern age men don’t like to be dominated by women.

Make signs to let him know that you’re interested in him, even a simple smile would do, and if he returns the favor then you can be glad that your magic is working.

The last note of caution is to keep your excitement under control and to keep your signs within the arena of dignity, because any overt sexual invitations may get you labeled as a slut.