Fixing Up Your Troubled Relationship

Here is some information for you, to bring back romance into your dying relationship, and that too with effortless ease. Read on and find out how to seize a man’s interest and attention and once again create a relationship, between you and your man, which will last for ever.

Let’s talk about the biggest strategic mistake that women usually make, although unconsciously, to drive men away. And this biggest mistake is when you become a preacher trying to teach your man how to love you better. In most cases women pose up as a love guru when they feel the man in their life is taking them for granted, usually once the hustle and bustle of the honeymoon is over.

You may feel that the magical spark of love is somehow fading and your relationship isn’t going the way you want it to. Seeing the sand slipping out of your hands, you decide to talk to him about how things were earlier and how he used to pamper you, thus making it obvious to him that he has changed drastically over the past couple of weeks or maybe months.

Now feeling under pressure he may end up sending you roses, however none of these stimulated gestures, of his, will ever return the magic back. I’m saying stimulated, because he’s not doing it out of his will, but because you have pointed it out to that he’s not giving you attention.

The omnipresent attraction, charisma and connection that existed earlier in your relationship cannot be had back by pushing him into desired actions. The beauty of love relationship is all about unpredictability and spontaneity and which cannot be “made to happen” on desire. And as predictable as it can be, a slow withdrawal will follow from your man’s end.

So now, all this detailing makes it clear that if you want to keep your candle of love burning, then you need to put an immediate stop on your habit of showing your man what he needs to do to keep you happy. Don’t teach him how he has to act different and how he has to please you. You cannot forcibly guide his thinking and feelings, so don’t even try that. You take whatever action you want to, to make things better from your end without pushing him into things. The more independence you give them to think and act, the more intimate will be your relationship with him.

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Sidharth Thakur