Five Ways To Stir Up Your Sex Life

sex Wearing flashy clothes or trying on some exotic makeup, are ways to extend your sensuousness, but it is actually the state of your mind which can make you feel sexy. And with the exaggeratedly engrossed lifestyle of today, sexual libido has taken a nose dive. No wonder, pharmaceutical companies are cashing in, big time, by selling stimulating pills that most stressed out people are willing to spend on, to get back into action.

These pills can’t really do much, when your sex life takes a plunge, and the sadder part is that these synthetic formulations leave you with lots of side effects. Now, before you rush to the drugstore, to grab some of this doping stuff, try a few things that we’ve mentioned here.

Be realistic

A fall in your libido has a lot to do with your physical and mental health. If you’re stressed, have problems at work, are going through financial difficulties, aren’t eating well or are suffering from medical problems, then it’s difficult to keep your sex drive kicking. Don’t just concentrate on your better sex life; rather think along changing your overall lifestyle to enjoy a quality life.

Hire a babysitter

New parents usually tend to focus more on their children, and their sex life slowly slips into the sideline. You, as a couple, need time for each other, and hiring a babysitter could help you to spare out some time, relax yourself and feel energized to combat the parenthood blues.

Take some rest

How on earth can anyone feel sexy, if one is completely exhausted, and this is one fact that most people tend to ignore. Unless you have a good sleep and are completely relaxed, you’ll never be able to enjoy those intimate moments with your partner.

Strengthen your bond

To feel sexually exciting you must enjoy a strong bonding with your partner, so getting together just for sex isn’t the right way to go. Spend some more time with each other, doing nonsexual things together, like talking or taking a walk. Even in the bed spend some time cuddling and having some light fun, rather than heading straight for the job.

A little mischief and a little fun

Try something different and unusual in your sex life, such as playing sexy games, giving each other a massage or role plays, to add in a fresh spark of excitement and thrill into your dying sex life.