Five Classic Nail Polish Colors That Every Woman Should Have

Five Classic Nail Polish Colors That Every Woman Should Have

Five Classic Nail Polish Colors That Every Woman Should Have Women have always taken support of nail polishes for looking stunning and beautiful. Liking of women for shades of nail polish never remain the same. For example, in winter, they tend to prefer darker shades like navy, plum, and maroon. On the other hand, in summers, they usually go for bright colors like green, yellow and coral.

There are certain shades that are liked in all seasons. These shades are called as classic shades and go with every occasion. There are basically five classic nail polish shades that every woman must have in their makeup kit. If any woman becomes confused regarding the shade to be worn at a particular occasion, she can easily go for any of these classic colors. These colors match with all ensembles.

Five Classic Nail Polish Colors

First classic nail polish shade is red. It is a color that can be worn with all types and colors of outfits. Red nail polish color never goes out of fashion. Red is also one of most popular shades liked by women and this is the reason why it is widely used by them. During the summer, bright red nail polish color remains in good demand while in winter, deep red shade is more demanded.

However, a woman can wear any shade of red round the year, as it does not look awkward. Red is also one of most fashionable colors. Many celebrities can be found wearing this color on their nails. Black is other classic nail polish color that never goes out of fashion. Many women think that this color suits on girls only. However, it is not so.

Nail Polish Colors

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This color can be comfortably worn by women for becoming more fashionable and stylish. Black color is also said to be one of sexiest nail polish colors. Black glossy nail polish really looks elegant and stunning. Men have also been found crazy about this color. Pink color is also one of the classic nail polish shades. In fact, red and pink nail polish shades are considered as beauty staples. Like on lips, this color look beautiful on nails also.

Pink color can be worn round the year without any exception. It looks hot in summer as well as in winter. One of the biggest benefit of pink color is that it matches with most of items in the wardrobe of a woman. One of the newest classic nail polish colors is gray.

It is a versatile color that can be worn round the year with dresses and outfits of all shades and types. Matte gray nail polish looks more stunning than glossy one. Many estheticians believe that gray color is the best to wear on hot summer days. It looks stunning on fair as well as black skinned women.

Nude nail polish is the favorite of many women. This classic color matches with all sorts of outfits. Many working women can be seen wearing this color. One of the biggest advantages of this color is that even if nail polish chips out, nails do not look ugly, unlike other colors. Almost all the leading brands of nail polish offer nude shade.


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