Five Cheap and Effective Hair Loss Prevention Methods

Hair loss is one of the biggest hair problems that men and women experience nowadays.There are many possible causes for hair loss, but there are even more remedies that are being offered on the market.

Quite a few of these remedies are effective, but they can get very pricey. To help put a stop to your hair loss without breaking the bank, here are 5 inexpensive ways to do it:

Take Care of Your Hair:

One of the causes of hair loss is that you do not take good care of your hair. Your hair must be handled gently. No more brushing of your hair as if you are brushing the mane of a horse. Tying your hair into a ponytail also leads to hair loss.

Each time you free your ponytail, lots of hair falls off. Having a weave or hair extensions can also cause hair to fall off because the roots become damaged. For men, wearing hats or bandannas frequently is another cause of hair loss. The general rule to stop hair loss is to treat your hair with care and to avoid pulling or treating your hair roughly.

A Blood Test:

Hair loss can be caused by other health factors, such as anemia. To determine if this is the cause for your hair loss, you can have your blood screened for any deficiencies. If your blood test shows you are anemic, then it can be properly addressed by your physician. He will just probably prescribe a bottle of iron pills for you to take, which cost about $5.

Another health condition that can cause hair loss is a thyroid problem. The doctor may recommend a more thorough screening to determine this. What you will really be paying for is the blood test and the doctor’s consultation fee, but if you have health insurance then that will not be a problem. However if you know that you have been anemic before, then you can just go right ahead and buy a bottle of iron pills. They are harmless and can be bought over the counter at any drugstore.

Use Anti-Dandruff Shampoo:

An anti-dandruff shampoo is not only for getting rid of dandruff, it also helps put a stop to hair loss. A study conducted in 1998 reached the conclusion that Nizoral is as highly effective as Rogaine in the prevention of hair loss.

The details behind this conclusion are a bit hazy, but it was proven that Nizoral cures the inflammation, which puts an end to hair loss. Another reason could be that dandruff and hair loss are directly related. If you have dandruff, you will eventually lose hair. In curing your dandruff, you are also putting a stop to hair loss. For less severe cases, using Head and Shoulders is also an option.

A New Hairstyle:

Getting a new hairstyle can actually help you prevent hair loss. The trick is to get a hairstyle in which the majority of your hair is thinned out. If you have really long hair, this could be very effective for you. People with long hair usually put it in a ponytail when it gets hot or when it gets in the way. If your hair is thinned out, it will no longer feel so hot and heavy and you don’t have to tie it into a ponytail.

As discussed earlier, ponytails can cause hair loss. To thin out your hair, the hairstylist will usually use a razor instead of scissors. A thinned out hairstyle will make your head feel lighter and it will also disguise those portions of your head where the hair is already very thin. Remember that not all salons know how to do this thinning haircut.

Do not allow anyone to do this haircut if he/she does not have any experience doing it. Your best bet would be to go to an Asian hair salon because they are trained in doing thinning haircuts using a razor.

Use a Conditioner:

There are conditioners available today that are made specifically for hair loss. They are sold at $50 per bottle, which is a little expensive for a conditioner. The truth is you do not need to buy those kinds of conditioner. You can buy any conditioner as long as it contains the necessary nutrients, like vitamins E, F and B as well as biotin.

You can also alternate using several bottles of conditioners with different active ingredients. Hair conditioning oils are also a great option because they are not too sticky. Another option is the conditioning spray which you can alternate with your regular conditioner. Borage acid is a great ingredient to look for in conditioners because it effectively treats psoriasis, which can affect the scalp.