First Date – First Impression

Even the sexiest of women have to try hard to get dates; quite obviously no one would want to ruin her very first date. Being social creatures, we have a tendency to size up about a person within the first ten minutes of a conversation with him/her. And that’s the reason making a sound first impression on your prince charming is important, if you want the relation to move any further. Here is some advice on avoiding goof ups when you go out with your guy on your first date.

Fine, you want to look sexy and bold, but can you just leave it for some other time. Overt flirting and provoking sexual advances are quite a big turnoff, and may leave your guy horror stuck. Don’t freak him out with a predatory approach, or simply he’ll start making assumptions about you and you may even get labeled as licentious.

You’re excited about your first date but laughing through all day for absolutely no reason might not convey your excitement but something else. I’d assume that you would be laughing for either of the two reasons, the first one being that you feel the guy is almost like a clown and his every move is quite funny or secondly you just want to flaunt the new tooth whitening treatment you have undergone. Laugh but only when there is really something to laugh, and for the rest of the time just pretend that it’s not too easy to entertain you.

While a glass or two of red wine can add sparkle to your date, going overboard is just going to get you branded as a drunkard. Men simply don’t like women who drink beyond the socially accepted norms.

You are self-sufficient, independent, individualistic and strong, and while all this has a certain sex appeal about itself; there’s more that your guy would want to know about you on this first date. Every man loves a woman who has a sweet girl inside her with lots of feelings and romance. So do show him this side of your personality as well.

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Sidharth Thakur