Finding The Right Pair of Sunglasses

The shape of your shades and your face are the ones that decide if the new pair of shades your bought suits you or not.

Some sunglasses might make your already wide face look wider, small face look smaller or long face look more elongated. You can always select the right one through trial and error or with the help of your friend but we’re going to give you some tips and tricks on choosing the right one without having to try out ever single piece of sunglass in the shop to see what suits you.

In case you can’t determine what your face shape is, there’s an easy way to figure that out. Just brush all your hair to the back of your head and tie it up. Now that you can see your face clearly without your hair covering it up, see what shape it looks like.

Also, it’s not just the face shape that determines what looks good. Even if the the sunglass you chose is right for your face shape, you also need to see if the color of the sunglass goes well with your skin color. Something that contradicts too much against your skin color is not good. In case you are going for the colorless ones, make sure the color of the frame matches with the color of your skin.

Dark colored or warm colored people can go for similarly warm colored frames like the shades of brown or yellow or even red. Cool colored people can go for cool colors like blue, plum, magenta etc.

Another important aspect is to see if the frame really fits your face. This is determined by how the frames fit around the eyes and the brows. Glasses that leave a lot of space around the curves of your cheek and nose won’t do. You have to make sure they fit into the dents and curves perfectly or at least as perfectly as possible.

Remember never to mix gold with silver. This means, what you wear also depends on the jewelry you wear. Gold frames with silver jewelry won’t go well together and so does silver rims with gold jewelry.

It’s not rocket science to figure out what suits you. Even if you can’t get it right with all these hints, its best you get help from someone who’s good at picking the right sunglasses.