Finding Genuine Partners Through Online Dating

Of late, there have been so many cases of scams on online dating sites, that women looking for genuine partners have begun fretting searching for dates on online dating site. However, there isn’t much to worry, because if you know how to do it right and how to play it safe, it isn’t too difficult to find good and genuine guys using internet dating sites.

Just like you there are lots of genuine men out there and they too are waiting to meet some one genuine like you. So ward off that disheartening element, and make a fresh start. Get online and make a new search, look for profiles which interest you. Read through each profile to know more about that person take a look at his profile photos and then when you feel the two of you could click, make your first contact. Send the person a message that you find him interesting, and wait to see how he reacts.

What’s important is to not let your hopes soar too high, or you might fall flat on the face. Be realistic about what you are expecting. And more importantly, you need to be precise about what you want in a man. When you do receive a reply from the man, read it again and again and you may be able to sniff out deceit. Watch his words carefully and you’ll know if he really is as educated or as professionally well established as is mentioned in his profile.

If nothing seems wrong, exchange a few more notes before inviting him for a live chat. If he is genuine and finds you really interesting, he will have the patience to keep exchanging notes. But if his patience seems to be running out and he insists on exchanging phone numbers, then he is surely not a genuine guy.

The phone numbers should be exchanged only when you are doubly sure that the man you are interested in is a genuinely nice guy. And there too you don’t have to give him your phone number, just ask for his and tell him that you will call him up. And for making the call use a PCO or public booth, and not your landline, your mobile number or your office number.

When looking for a genuine partner on online dating websites, you got to have a lot of patience and you need to drag things slowly. On every step you’ll have to reexamine everything and go slow, because going too fast will land you in trouble.

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Sidharth Thakur